Day Twenty Seven #marchchallenge2014

Day Twenty Seven #marchchallenge2014



I love stationary I love going into those lovely shops that have, journals, notebook, pens, stickers and all those great creative items.



I love having them around me and this year I created a creative space in my house and I just love it. It helps with the inspiration by having all the items available. It lets me be creative. It motivates me to be creative.

I have learnt in the last month that I love creating and I want to continue creating. That maybe by studying art therapy, finishing writing my book, working on my journal or continuing to blog. Create, create, create.

I am just happy to have the opportunity to create.

What is it that you like creating?

Creating can consist of art, singing, writing, the way you decorate your house and many more.


How do you create in your life?

We are all creative.

What helps me is having a beautiful notepad and a lovely pen, this really inspires me.

I don’t need any more stationary items, really I don’t. I just find it really hard to walk past a shop that sells stationary, I have to go in and I need to see what they have.

Can you ever have enough stationary?




Talk tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs