Day Ten #apriladventures2014

Day Ten #apriladventures2014




I find that when you are researching a topic or asked to speak about a certain issue things happen.

Sometimes I think that you are tested in this area.

This is just me reflecting on the past two weeks.

I feel that I am in the middle of a test.

I was so excited on Monday as I was in the middle of planning my flights and accommodation.  You see I am going to the SPARC conference in August. I am really looking forward to it and this will be my first year of attending the conference.




Then on Tuesday my car was side swiped.  Aaahh!

Now I could have chosen to go oh no that’s it I won’t be able to go on my holiday now I am going to have to pay out all this money. So on and on it goes.

But no, NO!  

I am not going to let this get me down. I am going to choose to turn this into an adventure, to turn it around.

I am okay.

My car will be repaired and I have a great car repairer.  This is such a blessing.

Today I have finalised my holiday booking.

I am looking to the future with excitement.

I will not give up on my dreams and goals.

I am now a lot more determined.

I am standing strong.


I hope that this encourages you.





Loves and Hugs



Day Nine #apriladventures2014

Day Nine #apriladventures2014




Today I arrived home safely.  Yeah!

I have two more days of school and then school holidays.

My first week is really booked up and the second week of school holidays I have time for creative adventures.

I am looking forward to just exploring more of writing, working on my blog, drawing, journaling, songwriting and finishing writing my two books.

I am enjoying blogging everyday and although it has been challenging, I somehow find the time to do it. That is why I wanted to participate in the March challenge, because it takes 30 days to create a habit.

Now I do look forward to writing. I know that I do need to work on my grammar and my spelling.  If I continue to keep on blogging I know that it will improve.

It also involves taking a risk with your creativity. Which can be scary but I think that if you keep on doing things you will become comfortable with how you create.

It is a bit like who you are, you have your own personality, strengths and gifts. They are yours, so be brave and see what happens, what it leads you too.

It’s exciting.

It’s an adventure.

It is yours.

You can make a difference.   

Start creating.




Loves and Hugs



Day Eight #apriladventures2014

Day Eight #apriladventures2014

My Poor Car



I had such a great day today.

I have planned for the holiday program next week and have pre-booked my flights and accommodation for a conference I am going too.



Today driving home I was side swiped by a truck and then the truck drove off. It didn’t even stop. I pulled over and my driver’s side mirror is trashed. It all happened so fast that I didn’t get the other persons registration. It’s like everything slowed down.



I have had my car since 2000 and it is a really great car.

It really is.

My poor car, my poor, poor car has been backed into 3 times when I have had to have it fixed. It wasn’t me it was parked and people have just backed into it. One of the times they didn’t even leave a note.

You might remember that last Monday I had a cracked front windscreen, which was repaired on Friday.

Now my poor car needs to be fixed again.

I cannot believe it.

I am blessed that I have insurance and a great car repairer.

Okay now to relax and calm down a bit.

The experience left me shaky and in a state of disbelief.


The adventure continues…………………………………


Loves and Hugs



Day Seven #apriladventures2014

Day Seven #apriladventures2014




Today I have enjoyed shopping for art supplies for the holiday program that I will be involved in.

I will have the 3-5 year olds which is really fun.

This morning I went to the crafts shops, which I love going into and searched around for what I need for the programs that I will be running.



I have fours programs-

  • Creative Surprise- which involves buying heaps of items for the children to make whatever they like. I love this because they can make what they want and they make heaps of things to take home.
  • I will then do a dance class which I also like teaching.
  • Shining Stars which is about acting, working on scrips and making props. I have done this one a few times and they have the best time. They make up the most amazing plays.

I have a new program that I am trying this school holiday it is called-

  • Once Upon A Time. With this one we will be dressing up in our favourite book character. I will be dressing up as a fairy. We will read stories and I will see what the children dress up in and will make up a story for them to act out.

I am really looking forward to the program.

So now I am spending some time cutting up stickers and going through the items that I will need for each program.



I find this process really relaxing and quite fun.

I also really enjoy shopping and preparing the art supplies.

I cannot wait to see who will attend them.

I love being able to be creative and being involved in the holiday program, it also inspires me with my own art.


Loves and Hugs




Day Six apriladventures2014

Day Six apriladventures2014


Sunday Adventures


Today I had a day out with my sister.

Our adventure started when we caught the bus into the city. We walked around the city, soaked in the atmosphere and did some shopping.

We then went and had lunch at an Irish Pub and the food was delicious then it was time for us to go to Perth Arena. This was my first time of attending the Perth Arena and to see a show. The Perth Arena is amazing and inside it was pretty impressive.



We had great seats and really enjoyed the show that we went to see.



It’s great to have a day out in Perth and just to see how much is going on. It was quite busy.

I have had a really great weekend and have loved spending the time with my sister.

I really enjoy the time that we spend together.


We caught the train home and then my brother in law picked us up.


It was a great fun day with a hint of adventure.

We are home now relaxing and reflecting on the day that we had.

How do you spend your weekends?


Loves and Hugs



Day Five #apriladventures2014

Day Five #apriladventures2014






Saturday is my time for Samba lessons and I love them.

Today our instructor said enjoy yourself have fun when you are dancing. My favourite one that she says is don’t think or stop thinking, just enjoy the music.

I find it really hard to just let myself go in dancing. I want to I really do.

So my thought is I just want to BREAKOUT!


I want to dance with feeling, with enjoyment and with passion.

I was thinking how this could be transferred into my everyday life about just being myself. Being myself and just enjoying what I am doing and not to be too concerned what others think.

Also I think it is that I don’t have to have it all together to begin. I don’t have to know the perfect way to dance, create draw and to be creative.

What it will look like to me with be different to what others are doing and I think that this is a good thing.

We are all individuals and I love that.

Art is personal.

Creativity is personal.

So my challenge is to BREAKOUT.

It’s a little scary and that is okay. I am stepping out and will see what happens.

Loves and Hugs



Day Four #apriladventures2014

Day Four #apriladventures2014




I cannot believe that there is only one week left of the school term. It has been a really busy time with lots of great things happening.

I have been so blessed this term-

  • YouthCARE Conference
  • Being able to attend a workshop that I was hoping to get into
  • Spending time with other Chaplain’s at the conference
  • SPARC Gathering being able to network with other creative people
  • Blogging for the whole of March
  • Taking a photo in March everyday
  • Being able to speak at one of the church’s that supports YouthCARE
  • Catching up with lovely friends
  • Being able to celebrate family birthdays
  • Celebrating my Mum and Dad’s 40th anniversary
  • Helping out at one of the Schools Bush dance
  • Being able to attend the community sundowner at the other school I work in
  • Speaking at the school assemblies
  • Catching up with beautiful friends for coffee
  • Going back to Samba lessons
  • Being able to have my car serviced
  • Getting a new windscreen for my car after a crack in it





  • Going ice skating for the first time
  • Spending time with family

There are probably more things but these are the things that I can think of at the moment.

It hasn’t been all exciting and there have been some hard days. I am choosing to look back and look at the things that have blessed my life.

Be blessed.

Loves and Hugs



Day Three #apriladventures2014

Day Three #apriladventures2014





Driving home today I was thinking about my new blog on April Adventures and just thought about what it is like to try something new. Something that is out of your comfort zone.

What does that look like for you?

Last year my friend said that 2013 was the year of saying yes for me. So I did.

Courage is the word that described my year. I had to be courage’s.

Was it easy? No but it stretched me, it allowed me to develop new skills to live my days differently and to mix it up a bit.

Since I have become a Chaplain at two beautiful schools I have really been stretched. I am not complaining at all I loved it.

I started with the dunking machine at the school fete oh my goodness that was so scary, but I did it. I screamed the first time that I was dunked and I think I swallowed half of the water. Have you ever tried to recover your breath and you are chocking and spluttering where everyone can see you? Well I tried to do it gracefully. Mmmhh!

Another experience I will share with you is the school camp. If you know anything about me I am not an outdoors girl who likes camping and going in the bush. I also am not very good in finding places likes streets which way to go, I have no sense of direction at all. So you can imagine me with the students being in the bush and doing orienteering with them. We were told by the camp staff not to help them at all while they were trying to find clues in the bush. I didn’t because I cannot read a map very well at all. We did make it back and I didn’t see any goanna’s.

I did go on the flying fox and I loved it. I climbed up the ladder then had to be strapped in and then it was my turn to gently step off and fly across the river. I loved it.

I am so grateful for the adventures that I have been able to go on. I cannot wait for more adventures this year.


Embrace something new.

Have an adventure yourself.

Mix the day up a bit.

See what you discover.


Loves and Hugs



Day Two #apriladventures2014

Day Two #apriladventures2014


An Adventure


Monday morning I came out to find that my front windscreen has a crack in it. On my day off, I have so much to do and I have to go out tonight. I felt a great sense of being overwhelmed, so after a call from my sister I had a plan worked out.



I phoned my insurance company, went to an appointment I had and then came home to wait for the windscreen place to call me. After that was all sorted I thought about how I was going to get to the place that I had to go that night. I really didn’t want to drive at night with my cracked windscreen.

My whole thinking was oh my gosh this has happened and now I can’t go out. I could of spiralled down that path and stayed at home, why not is was an over cast day.

But no!

I decided that this was going to be an adventure.  So I caught the bus into the city and went to the function. I had the best night and met some fantastic people and it was fun.

Then I was deciding how to get home I could get a bus or catch a taxi, I decided because it was late to catch a taxi.

I walked out of the function down the lane and out to the road. I crossed the road saw a taxi, so I put out my hand and the taxi stopped. Wow it was just like being in a movie. I arrived home safely and reflected on my whole day.

If I had let the cracked window drag me down, I would not have realised what I could do and how much fun that the whole day was.

So be encouraged turn opportunities into an adventure.


Loves and Hugs