Day Ten #writingchallenge101

Day Ten #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………….


My writing challenge today was to write about someone that I have met this year that has made a difference in my life.


Yesterday I wrote about a friend of mine that inspires me and a few weeks ago I also wrote about some friends that I am grateful for.


I also included pictures of the amazing Godly women that have made a difference in my Christian journey. They are in my past blogs.


As I don’t want to repeat what I have already written then I will write about something that I am passionate about.




I long to be a worshipper, to also lead worship.




I love the opportunity to sing songs with a purpose.


I am going to a conference in August in Sydney I cannot wait.


It is the SPARC Conference and it is all about Creative Christians gathering together.

I cannot wait there will be people who are writers, singers, film directors, artists all attending.


I haven’t been before and a friend of mine helped out last year and recommended it to me.


So I have booked it and I am really looking forward to the whole experience.


It will be a great time to network and to see what others are doing.


I just love being with people who are creative and achieving amazing things.

I also want to be able to share my testimony and stories to women and girls.


There is so much that I am passionate about and would like to do.




I know that I will be able to achieve the dreams that I have.


What are you passionate about?


What are your dreams?




Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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