Day Thirteen #writingchallenge101

Day Thirteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………………..


I have just arrived home after a really great day.

I am so enjoying this season in my life.

It is so full of new opportunities and experiences.

It is an answer to prayer.


Tonight I was able to speak at Youth at the church that I attend.




I love my church.

I love speaking at youth, they are amazing. I really feel that I want to support and encourage them.


I also am so encouraged by the opportunities that happen.


Tonight I spoke about being a voice for the voiceless and also about leadership.

I showed a video clip about a girl standing up for a boy who was being bullied. The video is on TV and it is quite powerful.


I shared about an experience that happened when I was on the train with students from the school and we were going to a leadership conference.


I wrote about it in my blog in March.


It was the first time that I wrote passionately and strongly about injustice.


I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to post it, I hesitantly pressed the publish button.

There it was on the internet for everyone to see.


I actually messaged a lovely friend who is a writer and asked her if she thought it was to in your face.


I waited patiently for her answer and she said “No, you should write more like this.”


So then I felt to write and stand in the gap for other.


Stand in the gap.


Also be safe about it don’t put yourself in danger.


I love that stand in the gap.


Who are you standing in the gap for?


Who can you be a voice for?


What is a cause you can be a voice for?


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs







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