Day Sixteen #writingchallenge101

Day Sixteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………


What is a Girl to do?


Once again I find myself on the topic of being single.

I know, I know I have talked about it before.

Well maybe just once……….

I still have hope that I will meet the man of my dreams.


This is beginning to sound like a Disney movie.

If my life was a Disney movie it would probably start with a great theme song.



Scene One

The Single girl looking out the window and is singing a song of dreams and hopes. Wondering where the man of her dreams is, wondering why he is taking so long.

She is singing and smiling and looking out at the beautiful sunny day she notices that even the birds sing along with her.




Scene Two

She goes to her daily job which she loves and helps others.

She is caring, supportive girl with a big heart and she wants to make a difference in the world.

She is not thinking about looking for the man of her dreams.  (Maybe that is why she is still single?)

Although well-meaning people ask her if she is married and does she have children.

She looks up to them, looks them in the eye and says no not yet.

It breaks her heart everytime she is reminded that she is not married and she does not have any children.

The soundtrack would be something so sad, that people watching the movie would be crying.

Why watching this Single girl go about her work without the love of her life. How could anyone not be moved?

The music finishes she places a smile on her face and gets on with things.



Scene Three

This is where she would be out with friends and he sees her first.

Then she notices him, they look across the crowded room and know that they are meant to be together for ever.

Cue the most romantic music and singing that you would ever have heard.

They run to each other they dance and sing.

The room erupts with everyone knowing the exact dance steps and the words to the song.

Oh how romantic.


Maybe it’s time to add the fireworks.


Scene ends.


Imagine if your life was a Disney movie.

Imagine the great possibilities.


We do have someone that is looking out for us that loves us and know the desires of our heart.  He knows what we long for, what we hope for and what we pray for.


I will not give up on being married and although it may not be a Disney movie, I will not give up hope.

 gods girlsss




Hope, hold onto hope.


Will share more tomorrow. (I am singing this line)


Loves and Hugs





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