Day Twenty One #writingchallenge101

Day Twenty One #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………..


I love my Saturdays, I really do.

There was a time where I worked every Saturday night for 10 years. I cannot believe that I did that working every Saturday night for 10 years.


Maybe that is why I am still single? No only joking.

I really don’t want to work on the weekends for a while.

Today I picked up my tickets for Sydney I am going to the SPARC Conference and cannot wait. So I have already booked my flights and accommodation.

Yeah I am getting so excited about going.

Meeting other creative Christians and seeing what they are creating.


Then I ended up in a stationary shop.



I do love stationary, shoes and bling.

I just cannot resist them.

Today I ended up buying 5 notebooks for 5 dollars.

I also brought a stamp that said Love it.




I then went and brought a jacket which I really need  where I work. It is so cold there.



I home now and have been spending the rest of the day setting up my creative area.

I have added a white bookcase on top of the table. I saw something similar on Pinterest. So I am slowly developing it.

I love my creative area.

I love being able to create.

I love the creative process.


Will share tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs






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