Day Twenty Six #writingchallenge101

Day Twenty Six #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………


The Adventure begins.




I love this saying.


Life can be a great adventure, everyone you meet can make a difference in your life.


Today I went to work in my pyjamas, yes I really did.


I loved it I even brought myself a new onesie for the morning.

They all had breakfast and there was lots of chatting and laughing. I loved it.


This afternoon I went to the dress rehearsal for the Drama Group. I have really enjoyed being able to help out.

The performance will be next week and I cannot wait to see how they all go. I have seen so many of the really shine and they are amazing. I cannot wait to see how it goes.


So now I am home and working on my to do list.

I have this blog to do which I am so enjoying, creatively it is such a learning experience. It makes me think out of the box.

Writing about a topic everyday since March has been a great opportunity and I would like to continue.


So now I have to go and read my first aid manual for Saturday.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





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