Day Two #marchchallenge2014

Day Two #marchchallenge2014

How He Loves Us

Today I was blessed to speak at Eastgate Church. I love speaking at this Church it is a blessing to the Community and they are always so welcoming and encouraging.


The message I spoke on today was- How He Loves Us which is all about what Gods says about us. It was how we talk to ourselves and to others. Are we an encouraging in our words, are we edifying others with our words. It’s amazing while you prepare yourself for a message you begin to notice it around you. So I was aware the last few weeks about what I was saying to people. How I spoke to the people that I came in contact with and also how I spoke to myself.

I love the opportunity to share what I have learn’t and I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way.

So today lovelies be blessed, be encouraged, be amazing, try new things, look for the next adventure and be kind to yourself. We are all learning.

Till next time.


Loves and Hugs



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