Day Five #marchchallenge2014

Day Five #marchchallenge2014



The picture that I have taken today is of the Frangipani tree that is out the front of my house. I love this plant it just reminds me of the seasons that we are in.


 Although I must admit I have looked out and thought there are no flowers at all, when did that happen? Then it reminds me that it is time for Spring and Summer. How often I miss the changes of the tree while I am rushing around coming home, going out and living my life.

I want to be mindful of the days and reflect on the positive things that have happened and really enjoy them.  Also with the challenges of my day I will reflect on them as well.

Life is busy and that’s okay, but I want to remember like the tree that the seasons change.

The tree weathers the storms and survives.  

The tree weathers the heat and survives. 

The tree embraces the rain and survives.

I want my life to be resilient like the tree. The tree is strong and capable and knows what to do in any season that It find itself in.

So my challenge for myself is to go with the seasons and embrace them whatever they look like.

I would like to bloom where I am planted to make a difference in the community.


What season do you find yourself in?


Loves and Hugs





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