Day Seven #marchchallenge2014

Day Seven #marchchallenge2014

Beautiful Day

There are always those days where you feel not your cheerful self and that’s okay we all have those days.

Today for me is one of those days not tired, sad, or upset, just flat. I am not sure why it might be, it may be that I am recovering from a cold and feeling a bit blaggg!

I have the choice whether I can let that feeling overwhelm me and ruin my day, or I can choose to do the day well. I can also mix with people who are encouraging, who are inspiring, and who are doing great projects to help others.

I have to remind myself that we live in a beautiful place where we have freedom. I just have to look up at the sky and like today see a beautiful blue sky.

We are so blessed where we live here. We just need to remind ourselves that we are valued, worthy and loved.


Have a beautiful day.




Loves and Hugs




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