Day Twelve #marchchallenge2014

Day Twelve #marchchallenge2014




Today I am going to share with you why I wear a flower in my hair every day.  I decided sometime near the end of 2007, that I would wear a flower in my hair.

I have continued to do this every day.

I was going through a difficult season in my life and decided I needed to put back the colour into my life.

So where ever I go whether it is work, samba classes, boxing, going out with friends, church I always will wear a flower in my hair. I know now that it is my style and I was thinking of changing it this year and wearing headbands ummmmm.  I am not sure about this change, I will have to think about it.

So for me it was breaking old habits and replacing it with something new, something inspiring, and something that was different from what I would usually do.

I have heaps of flowers and I find that people will buy me flowers for my hair.


What is your style?

If you need to how would you bring back the colour into your life?

Let me know how you go.

Loves and Hugs




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