Day Seventeen #marchchallenge2014

Day Seventeen #marchchallenge2014








Today is the first day of our Chaplain’s Conference and I love Conference.

It’s a time where you get to catch up with other Chaplain’s that you might not have seen since last Conference.

We had registration a 9am and then we had a change to chat, drink coffee and laugh.

Then it was time for lunch and we are really spoilt the food is amazing.

I know that becoming a Chaplain has really opened doors for me and I am so grateful. I have been really stretched out of my comfort zone in what I get to do every day. I have learnt to become flexible and to try new things. They are things that I never thought that I was able to do.

We are all individuals as Chaplain’s with many varied gifts and strengths. So it is really great when we all come together and hear about what others are doing. Conference is a real time of being relational, listening and understanding others. Conference is also allowing us to have self care for ourselves, taking some time to just be and listen. Listen to the small still voice that we all know.

Loves and Hugs



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