Day Twenty Four #marchchallenge2014

Day Twenty Four #marchchallenge2014




I have really enjoyed today getting back into a routine after Conference.

Monday is my day off and I am so grateful for these days. It means that I can do all my running around today instead of on the weekend.

I have felt really peaceful and inspired today. Inspired to be able to create, take photos, write and go through my crafts items.

I am really enjoying my time off from studying. I have been studying for the last 2 years and having this time off has allowed me to explore life more.

I am thinking of going back to study and am looking at studying art therapy which is what I am really interested in.  

I have eight more days left of my #marchchallenge2014 and this has made me think what I am going to do for April-

  • Another challenge perhaps?
  • Exploring #spacetocreate?
  • To continue working on my blog and to keep writing?
  • To write more songs?
  • To practise my guitar?
  • To record the songs I have already written.
  • To finish the journal of Princess Heart?
  • To work on finishing my book Princess Heart, working on a chapter a day?



So much to decide on, I like a challenge that has a timeline I find that this works for me.





Talk to you tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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