Day Twenty Six #marchchallenge2014

Day Twenty Six #marchchallenge2014


A letter from my Sponsor Child


Today I received a letter from my sponsor child, she lives in the Philippines. I love receiving these letters I get to hear what she is doing and how she is being helped by the project she attends.

I started sponsoring her in 2004 I went to a conference and there was a stand about sponsoring children. It really tugged at my heart and I really felt that I wanted to help. So I went over to the stand and my heart broke for the children that needed help.

Then I made the decision and sponsored my sponsor child. Driving home I just felt so excited and I really wanted to do more.

I ended up being an advocate and I loved every minute of it. The people I met, the conferences that we attended the children who were sponsored.

Loved it.

My sponsor child writes a lot to me and I have every single letter that she has written to me.

The first time I received a letter from her I cried, it made me realise that the decision I had made will make a difference. It will help her in her education, for her health, for her social skills and for her family.

I feel very blessed that I am able to help out a child in another country.

I cannot wait to hear from her again.

I will be writing back to her very soon.

My dream to make a difference.


Enjoy your day.


Loves and Hugs





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