Day Thirty #marchchallenge2014

Day Thirty #marchchallenge2014


Day Thirty


I have reached day thirty of my #marchchallenge2014.



It has been exciting and a new adventure.



I didn’t know that when I started that I would actually commit to the challenge, that I would be able to blog everyday of March.


I have one day to go and I am really looking forward to tomorrow.


I am really ready for another challenge for April, not sure what that will look like at the moment. I will let you know.



Some ideas to think about for April are-

  • Write a song-commit to writing four songs for the month of April.
  • Writing in my Princess Heart Journey blog three times a week.
  • Making time to for #spacetocreate.
  • Working on creating a website for Princess Heart Journey.
  • Learn to play my guitar.
  • Recording the songs that I have already written.
  • Looking at studying.
  • Samba lessons on Tuesday night for the month of April.
  • Finishing my draft for Princess Heart Journey Journal.
  • Working on Princess Heart Journey book committing to writing twice a week.
  • I also want to share my testimony with women and girls.



I do know that I want to create, create, and create more.







Loves and Hugs




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