Day Two #june2014

Day Two #june2014


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………


Oh my goodness I love my onesie, it is just so warm and lovely. I wore it last night and I slept well.


I did have my sleep in this morning and it was great.


Today is my Mum’s birthday and my sister invited us to her house for afternoon tea.





It was lovely to get together and celebrate Mum’s birthday.




My sister made such a lovely afternoon tea.




Now I am home and am waiting to start my blogging 101 June challenge.


I think with the time difference I will be a day behind. The blogging challenge starts on the 2nd June so I will have to check my inbox to see what the topic is about.


I will possibly receive my topic on the 3rd June so look out for some interesting new posts.


Really looking forward to starting it


It is a great time as well being in Winter.


Winter I just love being able to come home and create.


I really feel that now is the time to step up my writing style and technique.


I feel for the moment my style is conversational.


It is as if I was sitting with a coffee in my hand and just sharing thoughts and insights into issues that I am passionate about.


It would be like we are all in a great coffee shop and just chatting.


As you would know that I love coffee, I love really good coffee that is hot.

It has to be hot.

There is nothing worse than catching up for coffee with someone and being served cold coffee.

That is just the way I like my coffee.


How do you like your coffee?


Do you have a favourite coffee shop or place that you like to have your coffee?


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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