Day Three #writingchallenge101

Day Three #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………..


So today’s assignment after I finally found out how it works is to write for 20minutes without stopping.

You have to try and not edit it and just write.



So here goes.

I love a great writing challenge just writing whatever you feel like.

I have really enjoyed today at work and I really love my work.

I have achieved quite a few things.

I signed up for a workshop to be a facilitator for running small groups about grief.  The course is called Seasons for Growth and it’s for children dealing with loss and grief.

I am really excited about attending as it will just add to what I am learning. I love learning, I love studying, I love exploring, I never want to stop learning.

Even at the schools I work in I am always learning heaps from the students.


I would also like to study counselling but I think for a moment that it will be on hold.

I am enjoying the freedom of being able to be involved in challenges like this. It is also good to have a break after studying for the last two years.


I have really been thinking about going to America for some conference. They are Christian women conference about body image, eating disorders and also just about women.

They are in June and July so I will miss this year.

I am hopeful that I will somehow be able to go next year. My prayer would be to be a speaker at one of the conference that would be amazing.


I am really wanting to focus at the moment on speaking and signing.

I really want to make a difference in women and young girls lives.

I am getting there, sharing my testimony in the community. I would love to have the opportunity to speak more and to travel. That would be my dream.


To sing, speak, write and travel.




So for the moment I will do as much as I can in Western Australia.

It would be great to be invited to even go over east and talk over there. That would be amazing.


This is one of my dreams that I will just pray and had it over to God he knows my heart and what I really want to do.


He will make a way, He always does.


Dream it.


So now I have about 15 minutes to go and this is probably where I will just ramble on about anything.


So please bear with me.


What do I want to get out of this writing challenge?


I want to be able to write and not have any blocks.

I want to challenge myself to think about other topics that I might want to write about but am a little apprehensive.

I also want to be able to learn new words and how to describe things in detail.


I want to learn as much as I can about writing and to join and network with other writers.

I would like to be able to change the design of my blog and make it different.

I want to try and write for the rest of the year everyday somehow.

Maybe not as long as this post but long enough for people to be engaged in what I have to say.


I would like to grow confidently in pushing the publish button and not being afraid of what others may say.


I would love to express my thoughts and feelings properly.


I would love to be an advocate for others that may not have a voice.


I want to write for them to bring awareness to what they are going through.


I want to write with a purpose and a passion.


I would love to inspire people to reach for their dreams and their goals.

I would love to be able to hear from people and to mentor them along their journey.


My hope is that I will be able to notice people who are not noticed.


I want to be an encourager.


I want to provide a safe place for people who are struggling with an eating disorder.

I want to tell them that they have hope and they can recover.


I want them to know that it is hard work but they can do it.


I want them to know that they are loved and they have a purpose.


My big dream would be able to provide a house for women and young girls coming out of hospital so that they can transition from hospital to home.


My dream is to have a safe place for them to recover, It will have clinicians, counsellors, doctors, etc.


There will be also an opportunity for art therapy, for drama, for relaxation, for writing, for singing, for exploring their goals.


My vision would be to see young girls and women graduate from this having their lives back.


They will be able to explore their life and to live it well.


Be encouraged.


Meanwhile there is a lot to be done.

There is the support group to work on and then where to hold the catch ups.


There is the preparation of policies and procedures to develop.


There are people to help.


Writing this I am really excited and this is my dream.


Make it happen.


I also for myself want to be sing, I want to be worshipping God in all that I do.


I want to leave a legacy.

How amazing will that be?



Helping others to live their lives.


To let them know that they are worthy, valued and loved.


Yes challenge completed.


Loves and Hugs




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