Day Six #writingchallenge101

Day Six #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………………


Topic: Breathing Room


Today’s topic is called the Breathing Room.


It says and extra room has magically been added to your home overnight.

The catch: If you add more then three items to it, it disappears.

How do you use it?


So a new room has been added overnight what would I use it for?


This is quite an interesting question.

I would use it as my quiet room.

It would have a beautiful textured pillow big enough to sit on and be very comfortable.





One that I could relax in an write


So that would be one item.


Then I would bring in a beautiful pen and a big notebook to write in.

They would be my three items.


It would be where I plan things, where I would be inspired with ideas.

It will be quiet place.


I would call the room the Inspiration Room.


I would spend time in there creating new ideas and working out the details.


I am the only one that would be allowed in there.

I would also use it as my prayer room and write down all my prayers and the answers.

I would use it everyday and there wouldn’t be a time limit.


There isn’t a clock in there so I would not be able to tell what the time is anyway.


This is my retreat and also my place to escape.


Okay this is the answer to my writing challenge 101.


Just a thought about today- my thought is that when you are feeling quite overloaded it is good to be around really encouraging people.

It is nice to be around people that see your potential and that encourage you to try new things.

We all need friends like that and I have amazing friends and mentors that can speak into my life.


gods girls 1

Who encourages you?


What can you do to encourage yourself?


What is something nice that you can do for yourself?


Be kind to yourself?

Let me encourage you today you are amazing yes you are.




Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





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