Day Seven #writingchallenge101

Day Seven #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………….


Topic: Be Brief


Today’s writing challenge is Be Brief. You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply.

Today write about this encounter and your twist: approach this post in as few words as possible.


This is another quite challenging Topic.

What is the letter I find and what is in it that affects me deeply?


Okay so it is a beautiful sunny day and I am enjoying a precious time off by going for a walk.

I am walking and thinking about all my hopes for the future.


When I notice a piece of white paper blowing towards me, I stop and it stops getting caught on my legs.

It is like it is inviting me to read it.


I look around to see if anyone is around, that may have dropped it.


There is only someone walking their dog and they are too far away.


I pick it up it’s a bit wet and dirty.

I find a nice place on the green grass and take a seat.


I unfold the letter carefully, I lay it on my leg and straighten it out.


It is addressed to women.

I start to read it, I am feeling a bit apprehensive it’s like I am peeking into someone’s diary.


The first few sentences are okay but it’s when my eyes glance done to the second paragraph it’s then that I feel like I have been hit in the stomach. It takes my breath away like I have been winded.


It says in the second paragraph never give up on your dreams you are an amazing women and I know that you long to be married and to have children.




The letter goes on to describe a women who is living her life on purpose and that she is encouraging her friend who is still single to go on living her life to the full.


The last paragraph in the letter is all about a promise.


It says God knows your heart, he knows your dreams and desirers, keep living a full and abundant life. The writer says I did I didn’t get married until I was 46 and I have two beautiful children.


By this time I am crying, tears are falling onto the letter.


I fold the letter up cafefully and place it into my pocket.

I have a really good cry and dry my eyes. I don’t have a tissue so I am using my hands to wipe away the tears.

I stand up and then place my sunglasses on to hide my red eyes and the mascara that has streaked down my face.


I continue on my walk, thinking about why this letter came to me.


A promise?





Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




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