Day Eight #writingchallenge101

Day Eight #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl……..


Today is a day off from the writing challenge.

I am really enjoying the challenge of writing about different topics and also the creative writing.

Yesterday morning I woke up not feeling 100 per cent, so yesterday I just took it easy.

This morning was a little bit better, although I still do not feel my usual self.


I have enjoyed having a whole weekend at home and just resting. Taking the time to slow down and just take that time out.

My last few weeks /months have been busy and I really care about the people that I am caring for. Yes I really do I want to help them bring out their potential.


You do need to have balance and take care of yourself so that you can give back and help others.


I know that this weekend is just what I have needed.

I have been reading, praying writing in my devotional that I have started by Beth Moore.



Which I am really enjoying.




I have also been downloading some Christian podcasts to listen to during the week.


I love listening to different Pastors messages from around the world.



I have also realised that I really do need to spend time with people that encourage you, that motivate you and that inspire you.


In my career you are always giving and I love that.

It is also wise to have boundaries, good strong boundaries. This is for your emotional wellbeing and for the people that you are caring about.


There are those times that you do need someone that notices what you do and can say to you great job.


We all need that.


My thought for next week is who can I encourage, who can I say I love how you……………………… and personally encourage that persons individual gifts and talents.


My other thought is that I need to catch up with someone that inspires me to stretch and to reach new levels of where I am going with my creativity.


I love catching up with friends who are having amazing creative adventures.


Sometimes all you need is a drop of inspiration.


So keep going with your creative adventures.


Take the time to slow down and enjoy your creative adventures.


Don’t let others who cannot see your potential put you down.


Believe in yourself.


Above all listen to God and his guidance for your life.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





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