Day Twenty #writingchallenge101

Day Twenty #writingchallenge101



Life and the Single Christian Girl…………….


I haven’t really been following the topics for the writing challenge 101.


Today I really feel that I want to describe a day in my life.

I wake up early, I have always been an earlier riser.


I get myself ready for work and then I leave.


I drive to work while listening to worship CD’s and singing along. My car is my practise area. I love singing.


My drive is about 40 minutes.


I work up in the hills which I love it’s beautiful and such a lush and lovely environment.

My work day starts and I must say I love my job.


I start with making a list of what I need to do and who I need to see for the day.


I go into the staff room and chat with the teachers who I just find so lovely. They really value their students.


I then will do some paperwork, which I don’t mind at all.

I was saying to someone this week that I am so glad that I can touch type. It makes my reports easier.


Then I will go and visit the students that have arrived before school and chat with them.  I love that part.


Then as today was assembly, I attended the assembly.

I must say that I love assemblies that are like mini production and I love how the students really shine.


All their hard work is rewarded.

I spoke at assembly today which I also love.


Then when assembly had finished I went to visit the Kindy and Pre-Primary students. They are always making and creating exciting things.




Then I have recess in the staff room where I am able to chat to the staff and see how they are going.


After recess today I taught a Zumba Kids® class to two classes.

They were amazing.


After that it is lunch so I spend some time in the staff room. I have my lunch and then go into the playground to see how everyone is going.


After lunch I will see the students that have asked to see me or their parents have asked me to see them.


I spend time with them, I am going to say quality time with them.

I love journeying with them, encouraging them and letting them know that I care about them.


After seeing the students that I need to see, it is then time for them to go home.


I walk down to where they are picked up and chat with them and get to see their parents.


My day is full, it’s packed and I love that.

I love the diversity of what I do.

I love seeing the changes in the students.

I love it that they know that they can come and talk to me and that I will give them my 100 percent attention.




I am very blessed.


This is one example of my days, they are never the same.

There is so much variety and I really enjoy working with the amazing people that work at the schools.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs







Day Nineteen #writingchallenge101

Day Nineteen #writingchallenge101

Life and the Single Christian Girl………


Today I have been thinking about how I think.




I am thinking about how your thoughts can shape your life.


What you think about can change your life.

What you think about can change the direction of your life.

Where are you heading?


If you think negatively then your life may be negative.


Have you ever been around people that drag others down, that talk about others behind their back? This can if you let it change how you think and you can easily get caught up in in agreeing with them. You will walk away not feeling happy or inspired.


Negativity = Negativity


But what about if you changed your thinking to align with what God says about you.


What if you looked and could see your future changing for the better, to see yourself reaching your dreams.


Athletes when they are training imagine themselves in the race they go through the whole race in their mind. They also put in heaps of practise and dedication.


They have a goal and they go for it.


I know that lately that my vision has been in tunnel vision.

It’s like I am forgetting about the great things that are ahead for me.


I need to dream big, write the vision and make it clear.


What is it that you want to achieve?

What is it that has distracted you from it?


I know for myself that there is so much that I still want to do.




I would like to travel more, to study, to be able to speak more, to share my testimony, to make a difference and to be an advocate.

I have other dreams that I want to achieve.


Dream big!




So today I am reminding myself to dream big, to think more outside of the box, to go for things that I enjoy doing. I also want to enlarge my vision for myself.

I also am deciding to enjoy life and to bring joy to others and to leave a legacy.


Be encouraged, be inspired, be creative, be the answer for someone.




Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





Day Eighteen #writingchallenge101

Day Eighteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl……………


Driving home from work today I was just reflecting on my day.

It was jam packed and I love it I really do. I love the diversity of what I am able to do.

One of my highlights would have to be taking the choir for practise. It is so refreshing and the students really enjoy it.


I find that when I am singing I am truly in the moment.  I am not thinking about what I have to do next, or what else is on my mind.

Singing for me is freedom, I am discovering my voice more and more.

Today also I was thinking about the Proverbs 31 Woman which I have been reading a bit of lately. I have found that the last few months I have been mediating on the verses.




One of the verses I love is When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly.


I also like the verse She’s quick to assist anyone in need, reaches out  to help the poor.




I have been thinking lately about being able to speak at other places about my testimony.

I went through a few months this year thinking is this what I need to keep doing.

I was quickly reminded through media and through general conversations that yes I still need to share my story.


My story is one of hope, one of friendship, one of people not giving up on me.


My story is one of recovery, it also lets people know that it is possible to recover.


It’s my story and I know that when I was going through my illness that I was going to be able to share it.


One of my sayings is Today Is A Gift, it means that it is a day that I didn’t think that I would have.


I am glad that I didn’t give up, that I decided to get better that I decided to fight for my life.


I look at my journey and realise now all of the people that I have met, the experiences that I am able to share.


Also the laughs and good times that I am able to share with others.


You really do need others to help you.


I am so grateful for all the people that helped me. I don’t even know if I could find the right words to thank them enough.


They let me have my life back.


Now I know why I have been so impacted by the Proverbs 31 Woman, because I want to be like her.


She is a role model, I want to be able to encourage others who are going through hard times that there is going to be someone cheering them on.

I want to let others know that there is hope.


Also that life is full.

Life is full of wonderful and exciting experiences just wanting to happen.


Dream lovely Dream


Do you need encouragement?  Be encouraged.

Do you need hope? Have Hope.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





Day Seventeen #writingchallenge101

Day Seventeen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………..


I cannot believe how much it has been raining today since before lunch time.

We have had such a stormy and windy day.

We need the rain, but oh my goodness.


I have arrived home tonight feeling calm.


Which is a bit strange because at work today I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I think it is because it is nearly the end of the school term and I have a lot on.


I also was supposed to go out to a women’s event and have decided to just come home.

I think it might be also that I am feeling quite tired.


I know that I will be able to get everything done.


I just need to take one day at a time.



There are those days when we need to be kind to ourselves.


When we need to do what we can do and let the other things go.




Tonight I think that I will just read rest and watch some of Master Chief. I know I do like this TV series.


Will share more tomorrow


Loves and Hugs





Day Sixteen #writingchallenge101

Day Sixteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………


What is a Girl to do?


Once again I find myself on the topic of being single.

I know, I know I have talked about it before.

Well maybe just once……….

I still have hope that I will meet the man of my dreams.


This is beginning to sound like a Disney movie.

If my life was a Disney movie it would probably start with a great theme song.



Scene One

The Single girl looking out the window and is singing a song of dreams and hopes. Wondering where the man of her dreams is, wondering why he is taking so long.

She is singing and smiling and looking out at the beautiful sunny day she notices that even the birds sing along with her.




Scene Two

She goes to her daily job which she loves and helps others.

She is caring, supportive girl with a big heart and she wants to make a difference in the world.

She is not thinking about looking for the man of her dreams.  (Maybe that is why she is still single?)

Although well-meaning people ask her if she is married and does she have children.

She looks up to them, looks them in the eye and says no not yet.

It breaks her heart everytime she is reminded that she is not married and she does not have any children.

The soundtrack would be something so sad, that people watching the movie would be crying.

Why watching this Single girl go about her work without the love of her life. How could anyone not be moved?

The music finishes she places a smile on her face and gets on with things.



Scene Three

This is where she would be out with friends and he sees her first.

Then she notices him, they look across the crowded room and know that they are meant to be together for ever.

Cue the most romantic music and singing that you would ever have heard.

They run to each other they dance and sing.

The room erupts with everyone knowing the exact dance steps and the words to the song.

Oh how romantic.


Maybe it’s time to add the fireworks.


Scene ends.


Imagine if your life was a Disney movie.

Imagine the great possibilities.


We do have someone that is looking out for us that loves us and know the desires of our heart.  He knows what we long for, what we hope for and what we pray for.


I will not give up on being married and although it may not be a Disney movie, I will not give up hope.

 gods girlsss




Hope, hold onto hope.


Will share more tomorrow. (I am singing this line)


Loves and Hugs




Day Fifteen #writingchallenge101

Day Fifteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………


Today is my brothers 40th birthday.




Happy Birthday Brother.


In my family I am the eldest, and then there is my sister and then my brother.


Last night we celebrated his birthday with a party at his in-laws place.




The night was lovely and it was good to see my brother enjoying himself.





The highlight for me was when they brought out the cake andseeing my brother his wife and their four children altogether.  It was a lovely moment.


Creating memories.



I have had a really nice weekend.

It has been a busy weekend and I have had a few chances to sleep in.


I love my sleep in days.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs




Day Fourteen #writingchallenge101

Day Fourteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl…………..


I really enjoyed my time last night at EGY Youth, they are just amazing.


It made me think about what I am passionate about.


My dream is to have a house for girls and women who are recovering from an eating disorder.


The house would be to help them when they have been discharged from hospital and it would also be there for support encouragement and for life skills.



They would still need to keep their appointments with their Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Dietician, their GP and other professionals that they will need to see.


The house would help with their in between visits.


Personally I know that you may see your GP once a week and then you are on your own for the rest of the week.


The house would be an inviting place where girls and women in recovery can learn about shopping and cooking and other interests.


We would also have Professionals come in and talk to the girls about being healthy, referrals if needed and other needs.


The place would be a safe nurturing environment.


I would love to have different rooms that would have beautiful furniture to let the girls know that they are worthy, valued and loved.


Of course there would be conditions that they would need to agree to before they commence. These are needed for safety and just they we really want the best for the girls.


I would love to see a lounge room with beautiful lounges, on the wall would be pictures of art from the girls.



house decorating 31

There would also be encouraging quotes everywhere just to remind them they we value them.


My dream of this house seems enormous but I am determined to find the house and then to have people sponsor and help out.


This is for the whole community.


house decorating7


I am so excited about this dream of mine.


So friends if you are reading this and you have any ideas please let me know.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs





Day Thirteen #writingchallenge101

Day Thirteen #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………………..


I have just arrived home after a really great day.

I am so enjoying this season in my life.

It is so full of new opportunities and experiences.

It is an answer to prayer.


Tonight I was able to speak at Youth at the church that I attend.




I love my church.

I love speaking at youth, they are amazing. I really feel that I want to support and encourage them.


I also am so encouraged by the opportunities that happen.


Tonight I spoke about being a voice for the voiceless and also about leadership.

I showed a video clip about a girl standing up for a boy who was being bullied. The video is on TV and it is quite powerful.


I shared about an experience that happened when I was on the train with students from the school and we were going to a leadership conference.


I wrote about it in my blog in March.


It was the first time that I wrote passionately and strongly about injustice.


I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to post it, I hesitantly pressed the publish button.

There it was on the internet for everyone to see.


I actually messaged a lovely friend who is a writer and asked her if she thought it was to in your face.


I waited patiently for her answer and she said “No, you should write more like this.”


So then I felt to write and stand in the gap for other.


Stand in the gap.


Also be safe about it don’t put yourself in danger.


I love that stand in the gap.


Who are you standing in the gap for?


Who can you be a voice for?


What is a cause you can be a voice for?


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs






Day Twelve #writingchallenge101

Day Twelve #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl……..


Today my thoughts are on bucket filling.



I am not talking about filling any bucket, I am talking about your own.


It is building up your self-worth and your identity.


It is also knowing that you are important.


Yes you are!


We talk about it with our students about filling their bucket.

Encouraging them, helping them to achieve their goals and believing in them.


Why is it that we forget to fill our own bucket as adults?


I know that especially for Mothers their needs seem to be last on the list. They put everyone before them.


Break out and do something nice for yourself.


Yes, break out!


Take the time to do something nice for yourself.


I was saying to someone today, that when you are giving to others that you need to make sure that you have enough to give.


It’s healthy to take time out for yourself, to find something that feeds you that nurtures you that encourages you and can inspire you.


Let me be out there and say don’t feel guilty.



You will be a healthier person who is then able to give back to others.


I think also that we need to encourage each other.


I think that sometimes people think that they are not being noticed in what they are doing.


You are noticed, you are loved.


Even if you feel that you are not being acknowledged in what you are doing.

Have a look at all the great things that you have achieved along the way.

Go back and if you need to write it down in a book, to remember that you have made a difference.


Don’t let others squash your passion.

Stand firm and have a go.

Stand firm and keep going.


When I have days where I am feeling low, I have a box that I have saved all the encouraging letters, pictures and other items that will remind me of what I have achieved.


gift boxes 109


This just reminds me that yes I have made a difference to someone.


Why don’t you buy a beautiful box and then collect all the lovely things that make you feel happy, that make you feel encouraged, and that make you can remember that you have made a difference.


Today be encouraged, you are amazing, you make a difference.


I want to encourage you.


Will share more tomorrow.



Loves and Hugs





Day Eleven #writingchallenge101

Day Eleven #writingchallenge101


Life and the Single Christian Girl………..

Topic: Terminal Time

You are at the airport your flight is delayed for 6 more hours and none of your electronic devices are working.

How do you pass the time?


  What would I do if my flight was delayed for 6 more hours?

I think that it would depend on where I had come from or if I was waiting to go somewhere.

I would also hope that I didn’t need to catch a connecting flight.


So I am going to say that I am waiting to go home from a conference in Sydney or Melbourne.


I do enjoy time at the airport, I find that it is just so interesting watching people come and go.

Seeing those that are running late and how they react. If my electronic devices did not work then I would have a walk around the airport and look at the shops.


I love looking around and discovering different little items that the shops have.

I would also go to the stationary shop. This would be a must. I would buy myself a really nice notebook and a beautiful pen.


Then I would find a nice place to sit and write about anything that comes to my mind.


I would just journal and make notes. I would also use the time to write down ideas for songs.


I would use my journal for drawing as well.

Depending on the time I would go and buy myself a nice glass of wine and sit and watch the planes coming and going.


I love watching the bags being placed into the planes and just the busyness of what is happening.

I would enjoy my wine and continue to write.


Having the time to just sit and not have to go anywhere is great. Well I think so.


I would really embrace the time and enjoy it.


This is what I would do while waiting for my plane.


Will share more tomorrow.


Loves and Hugs